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Jordan Gonnering

Realtor | Wisconsin License: 94-111059

Meet Jordan Gonnering, a dynamic and passionate Realtor at Team Forehand Realty, where commitment to excellence and client satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. Jordan’s journey to real estate is fueled by her desire for financial freedom and her deep-rooted love for helping others, traits that she brings from her previous medical career into the vibrant world of real estate.

Background and Interests:

Jordan’s background in medicine has honed her ability to understand and cater to the diverse needs of her clients, a skill she now applies to help them navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Outside of her professional life, Jordan is an enthusiastic volleyball player and fitness enthusiast, reflecting her energetic and proactive approach to real estate. Her love for animals is evident in her role in animal control for the city of Green Bay, demonstrating her compassion and commitment to the community.

Real Estate Philosophy:

As part of the Team Forehand Realty family, Jordan is committed to turning real estate dreams into reality. Her approach is characterized by building strong relationships, understanding client needs, and ensuring a smooth and successful real estate journey. Whether you’re buying or selling, Jordan Gonnering is ready to provide expert guidance and dedicated service to achieve your real estate goals in Green Bay.

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