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Probate Home Sales in Green Bay, WI


Selling real estate through probate or a trust is a complex process that involves several court-regulated steps that require careful monitoring and management. Meeting strict deadlines, utilizing specialized documentation, and adhering to the court’s oversight are all necessary components of marketing, negotiating, and selling the property.
In addition to court personnel, several parties are typically involved in the sale, including the estate’s Executor or Administrator, the estate’s attorney, a real estate agent representing the estate, one or more buyers, and the buyer’s real estate agent. All involved parties must follow court guidelines and deadlines.
Probate and trust sales involve a unique vocabulary and require disclosure documents and contracts that are not utilized in other real estate transactions. To navigate the process successfully, it’s important to work with a real estate agent at Team Forehand Realty who is experienced in these types of sales and can explain the language, documentation, and steps involved in the process. Effective communication between all parties involved is essential for a successful transaction.
At Team Forehand, we are probate real estate experts with years of experience navigating through this difficult process. We know the ins and outs of the entire probate process. Not only do we understand and help sell probate real estate, we’ve also created a customized approach to marketing and selling these properties. We also know there’s a certain level of compassion and understanding that come along with the probate process. Our agents will help manage the sale of a home for those dealing with financial and emotional challenges that probate clients face when selling a long-held family home.

Probate Services

While we may not be involved in every aspect of the probate process, we have established a robust network of top-rated professionals in the Northeast Wisconsin region who can provide assistance. Our network can assist with various common tasks and processes, which include:

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